Emergency Call Outs 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Westfield Tree Services can assist with storm damage emergency call outs. The recent storm events of Ciara, Dennis and Jorge have required the 24/7 365 day, 366 for 2020!, Westfield Tree Services Limited emergency teams to be called out and respond to a number of emergency call outs throughout the north west. 

A large number of existing clients and some organisations new to Westfield Tree Services Limited, phoned during, and after the storms with issues regarding storm damaged trees and those that had failed completely and had suffered windblow. The majority of the storm damage emergency call outs being made over the weekends of the storms, out of hours, including late at night and the early hours of the morning.  

Clearance of Windblown and Dangerous Trees

The emergency call out teams attended a number of sites to clear windblown and dangerous trees from some of the main arterial routes in the north west.  The emergency call outs also included trees that had been windblown towards buildings and trees that had caused damage to vehicles.  Thankfully none of the damaged or dangerous trees had caused any injury to members of the public. 

Working Closely with Emergency Services

Clearing trees from some of the highways required working with other emergency services. This involved supervising traffic and close roads in order to ensure the safety of colleagues, road users and members of the public.  All emergency services worked closely together in a safe manner to clear and reopen the highway as soon as possible. Some of the sites needed to be cleared to a position of safety with subsequent visits needed to clear the remaining timber and debris from site. 

Immediate response, Speed and Efficiency

All those that phoned requiring an immediate response praised Westfield Tree Services Limited for the speed and efficiency in the emergency call out services provided.

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