Corporate Social Responsibility

All at Westfield Tree Services Limited understand the impact of our work on the environment, communities and people.

We undertake work in all types of residential / domestic, industrial, commercial and natural locations and environments.   We are fully committed to making a positive impact with everyone we come into contact with.

Working within and alongside all communities, we make sure we are protecting their environment. We have rigorous health, safety, welfare and quality control systems and processes.  Our bespoke systems and processes being integral to remaining a safe, professional and efficient organisation responsible for safe reliable arboricultural, tree surgery, woodland management and biomass services.  

Our aim is to continually engage with the local economy and community in a compliant and respectful way, offering support, employment and training in addition to building a legacy for future generations. We have created new job opportunities, which has had a beneficial effect on local people and their communities.  We are resolute in our approach to reduce waste, conserve resources and prevent pollution in order to provide social, economic and environmental benefits for all.