Biomass Fuels

On realising the future and potential for renewable fuels, Westfield Tree Services Limited entered the Biomass Wood Fuels market in 2010.  Having made significant capital investments over the ensuing years, Westfield Tree Services Limited has positioned itself to be a producer of biomass wood fuel to a range of specifications offering supply and delivery throughout the entire UK with our own dedicated supply fleet of vehicles.

Renewable energy and environmental sustainability

In its commitment to renewable energy and environmental sustainability, Westfield Tree Services Limited has made a significant investment in the purchase of two biomass wood fuel boilers based at the Horrobin Farm site.

Significant investment has been made with the installation of solar panels generating electricity light and power to supply the company head office, workshops and storage facility.  Surplus electricity generation being fed into the local electricity distribution network as part of the UKs drive towards the increasing use of renewable sustainable fuels.

Self-sufficient Processing, Supply & Delivery

Being self-sufficient in the processing, supply and delivery of biomass wood fuels, Westfield Tree Services Limited continues to invest in capital plant, machinery and equipment manufactured for the biomass wood fuels industry which includes:

  • Substantial undercover storage unit with under floor heating for drying processed biomass wood fuel material to the required moisture content.
  • Two biomass wood fuel boilers for the production of heat.
  • Biomass wood fuel heavy duty chipper producing the required grade of biomass wood fuel.
  • Biomass wood fuel 148 cubic yard, (100m?) trailers with walking floor for the safe ejection of biomass wood fuel.  Walking floor trailers remove the safety concerns associated with tipping large trailers and allow access to restricted height areas.
  • Biomass wood fuel 40 cubic yard covered skips for smaller deliveries utilising a heavy goods vehicle hook loader.
  • Westfield Tree Services Limited are a listed supplier on the Biomass Suppliers List, BSL.  The Biomass Suppliers List is a register of biomass wood fuel suppliers that meet the renewable heat incentive (RHI) requirements.  This Government supported scheme allows RHI participants to easily demonstrate to Ofgem (The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) that the fuel they are purchasing and using in their biomass boilers meets the RHI sustainability criteria.

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